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We started our company with the intent to buy used cars from people who may have trouble selling them by themselves. We saw that friends and family were desperately trying to sell their used cars to no avail and we wanted to help. We won’t rip you off or mess around with low-ball offers when we come out to see your vehicle. Our goal is to simply buy your car from you with minimal hassle so that you can get the money that you need quickly.

Nothing but Cash!

We offer nothing but cash for junk cars in Compton. Our company will purchase your vehicle no matter the type of condition it is in. Even if it is wrecked and doesn’t run we will still give you cash for it! Many of our customers think that they can’t get the money that they deserve for their used car so they sell it to someone for a really cheap price. We will give you as much as we possibly can for your car because we know value when we see it!

Same Day Service

We also offer same day service in most cases. Call us today and we will do our best to schedule an appointment with you that very day to come out to buy your car. If we can’t, then we will more than likely make it for the very next day. But no matter what, our company is dedicated to fast and reliable service. We won’t leave you hanging, waiting on a sales agent to show up. You’ll know exactly when they are due to come out to see your car.

Cars We Buy

It doesn’t matter what type of car you own. We buy small sports cars, sports utility vehicles, Jeeps, vans and everything in-between. It can be running or it can be parked. If the car doesn’t run, then we will bring a tow truck out to your home, free of charge. All you will get from us is a no-hassle deal and the cash you want to get rid of the car in your driveway or yard. We offer competitive prices and you will enjoy the easy transactions we give to our clients. Call us today and we will also give you a free quote for your used car. Get the cash you need right now and get rid of that used car that is taking up space!